NIST - Annual Report (2008-2009)

Tom Perkins asked me to collect various images from my body of work at JILA and NIST from 2008-2009 to be used for the NIST Annual Report (view the PDF here). I submitted a whole library of my illustrations, figures, renderings, and photography for Tom to select from. Most of my work is in the Quantum Physics Division (Figures 1-8 pg 45-50). It is great honor to have a good amount of my work selected to be used for the Annual Review of Quantum Physics Division! The layout and design for previous years of the NIST Annual Report (Physics Laboratory) were pretty amateurishly designed, and I offered to assist with this year's design. Fortunately the people over at NIST hired another designer team to work solely on the print layout of the NIST Annual Report. The design is pretty safe and clean AND not terrible like previous years. I liked the colors they chose for cover which resemble my color schemes for lot of my body of work.
pg 46-47 Figures 3-4

pg 48-49 Figures 5-7

pg 50 Figure 8

  • Clients: NIST,Tom Perkins, Jun Ye, Debbie Jin, John Bohn, Ana Maria Rey, David Nesbitt, and Steven Cundiff

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