Microfluidics Device

This was an interesting 3D project. I had to take a model that was created from data in a program called VMD that was then placed a 3D Program Blender and then convert to .obj file that Maya could read. Converting the .obj file to workable format in Maya took a while to get handle on, but it was worth it in the end. I got a pretty good rendering from Maya along with the control and adjustable-ity


Imaging steps in an X-Ray microscope

Richard Sandberg came to me asking for assistance with this designing this image for a potential PNAS publication cover. He came to me about 2 days before the deadline of the cover submission, so I just worked up what he had put together and gave it more professional touch. This image is not really cover type material and I explained to Richard how these editors at PNAS select their cover images. It is very hard designing covers for the type of research at JILA because the concepts are very complex and most of research hasn't been effectively visualized (nothing like medical field).


Laser Atom Trap Graphs

This was quick 3D project that had to be done in Maya because illustrator couldn't handle the 3d components very well. This was a very quick project where I had only about a day to complete in all. I believe Jun Ye uses this figure for a journal paper and presentations. I forgot the scientific details of these graphs.