Ana Maria Rey & Jun Ye - NIST Annual Report

This was a photo shoot with Ana Maria Rey and Jun Ye for the NIST Annual Report (2008-2009) which is slated to be published and available in mid 2010.

  • Client: Jun Ye Group and Ana Maria Rey

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  • 1/10/10

    Measuring red blood cells elasticity

    This was a project where I was 3D modeling (using Maya) a microfluidics device that was being used to measure the elasticity of red blood cells. This was for JILA Fellow Ralph Jimenez's group. I did version of this a few years ago (see posting titled "Mircofluidics Device"), so it was interesting to follow the updates/changes to this particular experimental apparatus and the applications it is being used for.

  • Client: Ralph Jimenez

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  • 1/5/10

    PNAS: Phase-matched (coherent) addition of the high harmonic X-ray fields

    I worked with Fellow Margaret Murnane and Dr. Tenio Popmintchev from the Kepteyn-Murnane Group on this figure for PNAS. The paper was titled "Phase matching of high harmonic generation in the soft and hard X-ray regions of the spectrum". It was published June 2009, but I just recently found the article was finally published.

    Caption: "Fig. 1. Extreme nonlinear upconversion of a femtosecond laser light to
    shorter wavelengths. Phase-matched (coherent) addition of the high harmonic
    X-ray fields emitted by many atoms in the medium is shown."