Gravitational Potential

This illustration depicts how the gravitational potential on Earth varies during the year. Jun Ye was researching to see if the gravitational potential had any affect on atomic clocks position all over the world.


OSEP Industry Fair Poster

Ricki who helps runs the OSEP came to me to ask if I would make the Industry Fair Poster. She explained she wanted to attract as much attention from potential grad students and post docs as possible at JILA and around CU's campus. So I created the art work and designed the layout of the poster.

I took the job because I really wanted to make that one center piece. It has modern design and utilized a pretty wide color pallet. I wanted to make the center piece kinda data/technical/scientific related using simple circles and lines connecting the "Them" to the "You's". The circles and lines make the dramatica case of the connection of "Them" and "You's", but I also wanted it resemble a kinda hot air ballon if you stand back and look at casually. This would re-enforce the event type. Essentially the art can be easily interpreted in several ways, and I think all of which relate back to core princple idea that its a Industry Fair and the idea is to "GET A JOB". I also think the art isn't too distracting, and the information is still accessible.