Optical 2-D Fourier transform spectroscopy of semiconductors

This was my first 3D project at JILA. I worked closely with Tianhao Zhang who wanted a cover image to be used for PNAS magazine. He came to me with some 3D renderings from Matlab which were too basic and limiting. So we worked together in figuring out how to import 3D information based on data samples from Matlab into Autodesk Maya. Basically there isn’t any function in Matlab for this need and I couldn’t find anybody in the Matlab or Maya communities that had any solutions. So Tianhao and I develop a Matlab script that created/formatted .obj files based off the data points. It worked and I was able to make some very good high resolution renderings using Maya.


EUV illustration and animation

I worked closely with Etienne Gagnon and Arvinder Sandhu who wanted an illustration and animation for their powerpoint presentation about using High-order Harmonics with Momentum Imaging Techniques to study atomic and molecular dynamics. They were basically presented their presentation internationally and need some really strong and clear visuals to supplement their talks.

This was one of my first laser schematics that I ever illustrated and also to animate as well. I used flash to make the animation, so that I could script in some controls for the presenters to utilize while they giving their talk (controls that let them start and stop and replay certain sections of the sequence again)