Suppression of Collisional Shifts in a Strongly Interacting Lattice Clock

This was my last official project at JILA before I decided to make my move to NYC. I worked closely with JILA Fellows Jun Ye and Ana Maria Rey who asked me prepare a rendering for their paper they published in Science. The paper is centered around Jun Ye's Neutral Sr optical atomic clock where discovered tiny frequency shifts caused by colliding fermions. The collorbration with theorist Ana Maria Rey's group, Jun's group was able to solve the problem of colliding fermions, and reduced the inaccuracy of the optical atomic clock arising from atomic collisions (reaching the level of 1 x 10-17).

I made a black verison and a white version for Science to choose between. My original renderings were then "replicated" for the NIST, CU ,and other press releases (currently without attribution with exception of Science). I used Maya for the 3D modeling and rendering where I used some costumed shader scripts for mental ray. The details of the project was changing at the time I was rendering, but luckily I prepared the Maya file to pretty flexible.

My project history with Jun Ye and his group has been extensive over the years, and I have thoroughly designing and creating for each new project which each have their visual/motion challenges and eccentricities. I was honored to have a opportunity to contribute to Jun's and Ana Maria's paper before I left Colorado to move to NYC, and I look forward to following the future progress of research coming out of JILA! While it was my last project I worked on in Colorado, I'm sure Ill probably work on a future project with some former connection or relation to science/research from JILA.

I am currently working on my own projects in NYC and working for The Wall Street Journal (doing IA/UX designing and ill post some of those projects sometime in the future), BUT I want to encourage anybody who has been following my blog or come across my blog (google analytics show a very wide international audience), feel free to email me anytime with any inquires/questions. I also encourage anybody to contact me about work opportunities and/or working colloboratively on projects that range in size of large to small (doesn't matter the field or area of research, education, or just to work on a strange idea). I work locally and remotely. I always have open mind and ear for anybody who wants to do something new and different : )

Science paper titled: Suppression of Collisional Shifts in a Strongly Interacting Lattice Clock. I worked on Figure 1C.

Full Science citation:
Matthew D. Swallows, Michael Bishof, Yige Lin, Sebastian Blatt, Michael J. Martin, Ana Maria Rey, and Jun Ye, Science Express, published online Feb. 3, 2001, DOI NO. 10.1126/science.1196442 (2011)

Be sure to check out the paper or check out the JILA and NIST press releases which explain research of the paper more broadly. You can read the research paper here: PDF . There are quite a few articles all over the internet from various science publishers as well.

  • Clients: Jun Ye and Ana Maria Rey

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