Strontium Atomic Clock

I was asked develop and create an animation that explains how Jun Ye’s strontium atomic clock works. NIST wanted an animation that could be used for the news media that would be easily understood by the public. NIST also asked me edit the press release footage.

This was a very important project both because of the attention the scientific community that Jun Ye was getting for his research and establishing stronger co-op on projects with NIST and JILA.

The figures and animations are published on the NIST’s website, Science Express, United States of America Department of Commerce website.

NIST & Jun Ye Atomic Clock press release

NIST (public affairs) asked me to edit the press release for Jun Ye's Sr Atomic Clock. This meant they would send me the interview footage from their Maryland office archives they already shot, and I would edit the footage with the new animation sequences I also creating. The press release can be viewed on the NIST website with captions.


DNA Laser Trap Schemes

These are technical figures that involves double helix of DNA and laser trap schemes.