Carl Lineberger's cover - Journal of Physical Chemistry A

Lineberger Research Laboratories in JILA Basement, 2001. Watercolor by visiting fellow Zdeněk Herman.

The Journal of Physical Chemistry A did a special cover and preface issue where they did a tribute W. Carl Lineberger (January 28, 2010,Vol 114, Iss , Pg 1225-1602). Check it out!

Carl asked me about scanning JILA visiting Fellow Zdeněk Herman's watercolor painting, and preparing it for print for JPC-A. He told me about the idea of using Herman's watercolor painting, and I thought it was a fantastic idea for cover layout. Scanning it was bit difficult due to the size of the piece but I was pretty careful when I was dismantling the frame and handling the art. I made sure the colors were mastered correctly and maintain high fidelity scans.

If you ever been to JILA before, you may have noticed visiting Fellow Zdeněk Herman's art work hanging in the JILA tower and in various Fellow's offices. It was one of the first things I notice when I first went to the top floor of the JILA tower. I expressed my admiration for the Herman's illustrations and Carl loaned me his personal reprint of Zdeněk Herman's sketch book that I could check out. It was pretty funny seeing the history of JILA through Herman's sketch book. When I get extra time, I am hoping to scan it to make digital version of Herman's sketch book and make it avaliable to the staff and faculty at JILA (and maybe for JILA's website).

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