Cindy Regal photo shoots

I was asked to take several photos of JILA Fellow Cindy Regal and her group. Cindy Regal recently became a JILA Fellow in January 2010, and she has been quickly been setting up your lab and group to begin research a.s.a.p. The photos were used for the latest JILA Light & Matter Spring 2010 issue where there was an article introducing Cindy Regal and a photo essay docuementing the JILA staff's redesigning of her new lab space. Cindy was pretty busy and I was pretty busy, but I broke up the photo shoot into two different quick sessions. Essentially they were lightening round photo shoots where I would setup my lights and explore the newly built lab. I believe the pictures came out pretty well despite my lightening shooting style and I was able to get some great expressions from her. Check out the JILA Light & Matter articles about her and her group! Sadly this will probably be my last JILA Fellow portrait shoot : ( Setting and shooting pictures of the JILA and NIST Fellows always proved to be an intriguing task. I guess now I have to have find new subjects to shoot in NYC. I can't wait to hang out with my photography friends once again to absorb some new techniques and maybe get back into the groove of doing some fine art photography once again (I haven't done much personal photography while I have been in Colorado).

  • Client: Cindy Regal

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