Journal of Physical Chemistry A - front cover

My work is on the cover of "Journal of Physical Chemistry A" (April 1, 2010 Vol 114, Iss 12 Pgs 4017-4470) ! The featured article is "Vibrational Autodetachment−Intramolecular Vibrational Relaxation Translated into Electronic Motion" which starts on pg 4017–4030. I worked closely with JILA Fellow Mathias Weber with the data for the cover image. This is my first offical Journal of Physical Chemistry A cover.

Cover Description: "Vibrational excitation of CH stretches in nitromethane anions leads to vibrational autodetachment. The photoelectron spectra of autodetachment processes encode the underlying dynamics"

Mathias came to me August to talk to me about his research and potential cover for JPC-A. I wasn't familar with his current research, so I read his research paper to poured over his scientific poster that his group put together. Mathias explained his research findings and showed me his MOLDEN simulations. Once I understood his research and data visuals that I had access to, I had to figure out how visualize his research on JPC-A cover which essentially a perfect square area in the middle. Mathias and I chose visualize the research in 3 part story panel. This led me to format the layout in the square with 2 vertical columns (column 1 shows the molecule structure and column 2 show details enacted on the molecule structure) and sequence the story with 3 horizontal rows. Row 1 shows the molecule getting hit with hv(IR) laser that causes vibrational excitation. Row 2 details the vibrational excitation and the specific areas of the molecule that vibrate. Row 3 details the end result of vibrational autodetachment and how it compares to direct detachment (the 2D spectroscopy data). I was pretty happy with this design layout and I think it describes Mathias group's research pretty clearly and effectively.

Production Notes:
I started this project opening the data in a program called MOLDEN. MOLDEN allowed me to view the simulations/animations that Mathias had collected. Unfortunately MOLDEN's rendering environment was a bit dated and the quality I desired was going to be difficult with MOLDEN. So I switched to gOpenMole for modeling and rendering the data. I performed multilple layer renderings with gOpenMole of the molecule structure to allow me the most visual control. I then used Illustrator and Indesign for the layout. Mathis introduced me to a new piece of software called Image-J which has some really interesting functions (like the Interactive 3D surface plot). I am hoping to incorporate this imaging tool for various future projects. I am probably going to play around with this tool for some various creative experimental applications.

  • Clients: Mathias Weber

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